Savouring the Flavours of Fitness & Health

Over 100 women celebrated International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day at Let Your Mind, Body & Soul Bloom III retreat, organised by Family Flavours and Nakahat Ailiyeh parenting magazines.

The four-hour retreat was held in cooperation with One With Nature Center, MedLabs, Juthour, Ultra Sodium and Salt Free Water, and Daniel Ost Amman Flower Shop.

“Success is contingent upon taking care of one’s self, yet women all too often put others before themselves,” says Hind-Lara Mango, Publisher and Managing Director of both magazines. “This annual event, held for the third time, encourages women to prioritize themselves through health, nutrition and fitness,” she adds.

Twelve leading experts in health, nutrition, fitness and dance delivered sessions aimed at fostering physical and mental health and wellbeing. Rula Wardeh Sakkab, expert contributor at Al Marji’ Publications took the lead with her mindful breathing yoga session.

Clinical Dietician Ayah Murad, expert contributor in both magazines, in coordination with Organic Food Sponsor, Juthour, and Executive Chef Franco Canzano from Grand Hyatt Amman, planned a healthy wholegrain, gluten-free and low-sugar vegan menu presented to participants at the event.

Exhibitors at the event included Portrait Photographer Anastasia Casey, Makeup Artist Areej Hanandeh and the WOW SHOP-a women’s empowerment project whose aim is to support online homebased businesses run by women.


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